Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Still around

I've been neglecting this blog again. I tried to post about 2 weeks ago but blogger ate my post so I decided it might be an omen.

The last couple of weeks has been pretty busy. Work has been horribly busy with patients that shouldn't have been in my ward but because of bed shortages elsewhere, we have been left to deal with it...
I go back to work tomorrow for 3 shifts and then I have 2 weeks of holidays which will be sheer bliss. I plan to spend the time organising the flat amongst other things.
This weekend, there's going to be a massive party at my parents. My dad is sixty on Thursday and we are having a party for around 30-40 (or more) relatives at my parents fairly small house. It should be an interesting day as I haven't seen some of my relatives for a while.

I had a bit of image change today. I had shoulder length hair this morning when I left the house. By this afternoon, I had my hair cropped very short. Its a bit of a change but I have had my hair this sort before and I think it looks better. At least the little bit of grey hair I have doesn't look as obvious.