Friday, June 29, 2007

An update from me

I've not been a blog writing mood lately. Partly there was the foot pain thing and I didn't want to be too negative. Thinking too much about my foot and what if it doesn't get better hasn't made for particularly positive thoughts. Last weekend was pretty much made up of a lot of pain and a lack of sleep. Anyway that's my whining over. Life could be much worse and I get paid when I'm off sick.
I've started physio and its going fairly well. The interesting thing is that the physio thinks that the foot pain isn't really plantar fascilitis but its a back problem. I was a little doubtful at first and got upset during my first physio session, largely due to the pain I was in at the time. Two weeks on, I've got a load of exercises to do and my foot isn't really sore anymore. I have had a horrendously sore back for the past two weeks though but even this seems to be better since I had an ultrasound treatment to my back on Monday. The strange thing is that I didn't have back pain until after the physio started but the physio reckons that the foot pain was masking the back pain. My boss is not so casually hinting that she hopes I'm back soon but I'm not letting her rush me back and I'm going to take the physio's advice about when I should go back.

I've been keeping busy whilst I've been off and I've been knitting and stitching away. I did also manage to make it to a weekend GTG with a load of other stitchers which was a lot of fun. I've finished a few stitching bits so I'll have some pictures of them over the weekend as I'm planning to do some framing/finishing this weekend.

Meanwhile I've got some finished socks to share.

Sassy stripes socks

Heels and toes socks

I've almost finished another pair which are in Garnstudio's fabel sock yarn.

Fabel socks

Hopefully I'll get them finished tomorrow. Other than a brief trip out to get a few bits, my only other plan for tomorrow is to watch the very exciting last episode of this series of Doctor Who. David Tennant, John Barrowman and John Simm together in one TV program is almost too good.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Good news update

The good news is that my sister's soon to be FIL is better, although he is still in hospital. The wedding has now been rescheduled for September 14th. Thankfully there weren't too many problems with that other than with the wedding band and some guests who can't come but that's life I guess.
I've been signed off work for a month. The foot is a little better but I've been told physiotherapy is the best thing for it. The bad news about that is that there is a 13 week waiting list at my local surgery for NHS physio. Where I work has an occupational health department and they have referred me for physio via my employer so hopefully the physio will take place sooner. I'm trying to make the most of my time and I have a lot of stitching projects which need attention. Halloween fairy is nearly done so hopefully I will have a finished picture soon.