Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prize Draw for Cancer Research

Just like last year, I'm going to be participating in the Race for Life 5km for Cancer Research. Its a 5km women runner only event for Cancer Research, the leading UK charity for research into the causes and treatment of all cancers. Cancer Research does amazing work and they have a great website full of useful and accurate information for Cancer patients and their carers. I use their site a lot in my work with cancer patients so its a cause close to my heart.

Last year Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt yarns donated a gift voucher for her webstore as a prize for a draw for anyone who donated to my sponsor page. I'm very pleased to say that Lilith has repeated her offer again and has offered some prizes for anyone who donates.

The first one is a kit for Fugue, a design by the very talented Kate Davies, knitted in lovely OMA yarn.

The prize is for the full kit. She has also offered a couple of skeins of her lovely merino sock yarn as separate prizes.

In addition, I'm offering a prize of a pair of hand knitted socks to fit the person who wins this prize. I'm hoping to have a couple of more prizes to offer which I will sort out in the next day or so.

So how can you win one of these lovely prizes. Well its pretty simple. Donate to my Race for life page using the link at top right of my blog page or visit my fundraising page to donate. Due to the rules regarding Gift aid, you can't gift aid your donation if you wish to be entered into the prize draw. Any donation of whatever size would be greatly appreciated. The race is on the 5th of June and I will keep the draw open for a week after the race.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More knitting finishes

The knitting production line continues here at the moment. The Baby Yoda outfit went down very well and the Father to be is very pleased with it. He went looking on line to see what I might be knitting for a baby that was Star Wars related and I have apparently exceeded his expectations.
I've finished the remaining baby knits and handed them over. The mum to be has promised a picture of the baby wearing the Yoda outfit once he makes his appearance.

First up, another pair of tiny shoes in Yoda green

Green tiny shoes pic 2

And a Ten stitch blanket in some James Brett marble chunky

10 stitch blanklet pic 2

Karoline asked in the comments, what pattern I used for the light saber in the last post. Well I used this one that I found on Ravelry. Its really just a jumbo felted icord.

As well as the baby knitting, I've also managed to finish knitting something for me. The Pattern is Milkweed by Laura Chau and the yarn is Handmaiden Camelspin.

Milkweed blocking


I was hoping to perhaps get some stitching done this weekend but my body has managed to conspire against me. On Friday night on my way home from work, I managed to trip up on the stairs and on my way down, I put my hand out to save me. Unfortunately I put out my right hand that I fell on last year and I also had my keys in my hand. I've managed to flare up the previous injury again. Thankfully I can knit/write and type but anything that involves pinching my thumb and first finger together is uncomfortable and painful. That rules out stitching for a few days until it settles. Hopefully it will settle soon.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May the fourth

Today being Star Wars day, I have a very appropriate knitting finish to share. One of my work colleagues is due to have her first baby very soon. Both she and her husband are fairly geeky (like me) and her husband is a huge Star Wars fan. When I mentioned that I planned to knit some things for the baby, she was very keen and the idea of some more non traditional knits appealed to her.

So I knitted a outfit very appropriate for a new born Jedi - Baby Yoda Hat and sweater with felted baby sized light saber

Baby yoda outfit

I knitted a couple of other things also

Tiny Shoes designed by Ysolda Teague in Old Maiden Aunt Sock yarn in Lon Dubh

Finished tiny shoes

And one of my favourite baby knits - Little pumpkin hat from Itty bitty Hats

Little Pumpkin hat

I'm in the process of finishing a blanket and some baby socks, pictures to follow. The Mum to be is finishing up work in a couple of weeks so I'm planning to get the baby knitting finished for this weekend so I can hand over the gifts next week.