Sunday, April 21, 2013

A finish for April

This month has been busy so far with work, studying and family stuff.  I'm coming to the end of my current module so am working on a final assignment for that.

I have found the time for some knitting - my latest finished object is a hat.


Green gretel side view

Green gretel front view

The pattern is Gretel by Ysolda Teague and the yarn is Soft Donegal by Donegal yarn.  It's gorgeous green colour and is a souvenir of my visit to Dublin in September.  I visited the lovely This is knit in Dublin whilst I was there and bought a few skeins of this in green and in purple also.  The yarn is absolutely fantastic to knit with and has great cable definition.  I foresee a cabled hoodie in my future with this yarn someday.

The pictures in this post are the first ones I've taken with a new camera.  Sadly earlier in the week, my much loved Fuji camera hit the floor for what must be the millionth time but this time it  didn't recover from the fall.  So I treated myself to a very compact Lumix FS40 which is tiny compared to my old fuji.  The first few pictures are much better than with my old camera so its looking to be a good purchase.

Monday, April 01, 2013

March Madness progress

Really can't quite believe that March is over already.  What has made it particularly unbelievable is the very wintery weather.  Scotland doesn't have the best weather but snow at the end of March is fairly unusual and it snowed most days last week.

March has been a pretty good month for craft progress.

First, of course, was Autumn Queen.  I had hoped for more stitchy progress but my hands are causing me a few problems at the moment again.

Autumn queen

Knitting wise I finished these very bright socks which are very much in keeping with the neon clothes in the shops just now.  I'm having flash backs to 1984 when I go into a clothes shop just now. I wore a lot of neon then including some very bright tights - my school had a very strict brown uniform but no one thought to specify colour of the tights we wore.

Day glow goth socks

There has been a little bit of a jewellery product line going on.

Lots of bracelets

March bracelets

Some assorted other stuff

March Jewellery 2

There are a couple of more jewellery bits but as they are for gifts, I can't share just yet.

April's theme is Amazon April - to work on your biggest projects.  I have a more than few things that fit into that.  I'm planning to work on my long term sock yarn left over blanket.  Also I think some of my long term Chatelaine projects might need some attention.