Friday, July 24, 2009

3 finishes

Life continues on its usual routine around me. Mostly work and sleep, although I have managed quite a bit of knitting of late.

First up, I finished Marigold from Rowan 45. I had originally intended to wear this to a family wedding which I attended recently but I didn't quite make it. The yarn used is Drops Safran, rather than the Rowan cotton glace called for as the colour was perfect.

Marigold finished

After finishing it, I thought I'd give some attention to some of my other knitting WIPs. I managed to finish the Red hat that I promised my mum earlier in the year. The pattern is ROse red by Ysolda Teague and the yarn is Orkney angora St Magnus in ruby.

Rose red finished

I gave it to my mum today. Its her birthday tomorrow so as I'm working this weekend, I took her birthday presents over to her today. Thankfully she liked it and the presents. My dad bought her a Wii recently so my sister and I clubbed together to buy an additional controller and some games. They are both rather obsessed with the Wii since they got it so I'm sure it will bring hours of fun to them.

Finally I finished my Over the garden wall socks from the Socktopus sock club. This socks have been a fairly challenging knit, largely because of the really different construction plus I'm not that experienced at knitting toeup socks but I really glad to have knit them. I actually kind of fancy the idea of another pair in a different coloured yarn, perhaps purple or red.

Over the garden wall socks

The sock knitting is fairly appropriate as the Summer of socks KAL that I took part in last year is running again just now. This year's theme is no stress which fits perfectly with how I feel about my knitting just now. My plan is to try and finish some of the socks that I have on the needles just now and perhaps start another pair or two when something catches my eye.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Tiny! ten adventures

Tiny! ten has now left Scotland to continue on his travels but before he left, there were a few more photo opportunities.

This past week, Torchwood was dominating the BBC1 schedules so it was only natural to watch it with Tiny! ten. No spoilers here as I know its not been on elsewhere in the world. All I will say is that it was really, really good.

Tiny Ten watching Torchwood

We also went to knitting group and sat in the Conservatory with a variety of artwork.

Tiny Ten at the Lansdowne

There was also a little bit of Paisley sightseeing. Down by the old Anchor thread mill and the Hamills - a local waterfall.

Tiny ten at the Hamills

And back towards the mill from beside the river.

Tiny ten by the river in Paisley

And a rare blog picture of me with Tiny! ten.

Me and Tiny ten

Tiny! ten has now travelled to England to continue his adventures and I hope that Andrea has as much fun with him.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The adventures of Tiny! ten

Its probably obvious from previous posts that I'm a bit of a Doctor Who fan. Anyway last year on the Who knits group on Ravelry, I signed up for a swap called the Travelling timelord pass along which involves a crocheted tiny version of the Tenth Doctor travelling between various knitters across the world. Tiny! ten arrived with me last week and I've been out about taking pictures of Tiny! ten in various locations.

We went to Stirling and visited the Castle.

Tiny Ten at Stirling

Stopped by George Square in Glasgow.

Tiny Ten at George Square Glasgow

Visited the Police box in Buchannan street in Glasgow.

Tiny Ten sees a familar thing

Went off to Edinburgh and visited the Royal mile.

Tiny Ten and a red phone box

Climbed up to Edinburgh Castle.

Tiny Ten and a cannon

Tomorrow I'm off for a wander around Glasgow and Paisley for more pictures and then off to Knitting group for the evening with Tiny! ten in tow.