Monday, November 22, 2004

Away on my travels

I'm going away tomorrow morning so logically you would think I would be ready. I'm not. I tend to leave stuff like that to the last minute.
I have spent this evening loading CDs on to my HD player so I don't have to take any CDs with me and I've also sorted what stitching I'm taking.

I'm off to the stitching show at Harrogate tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to lots of stitching and shopping. I go every year and when I come back, I feel that Christmas is just around the corner.

My mobile phone decided to pack up tonight suddenly. Its a pretty basic one that I inherited from my sister so it didn't cost me anything much. I think I might get something a bit more advanced this time.

I'll be back on Sunday with hopefully lots of lovely new stitching things.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Christmas mystery finished
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Its cold outside

The weather has finally turned cold here over the past few days. The winter coat is out and being worn. Thankfully there has been no snow and I hope there will be none any time soon unless it happens when I don't have to go outside.

I haven't moved just yet. I was planning to this coming week but what with no telephone line until 13th of December and the fact that I'm going away on Tuesday to the Harrogate stitching show, I've decide to wait until the start of December. It also gives me time to get the bathroom and kitchen floors tiled. The flat is looking pretty good so far. It gets a lot of sun during the day so its lovely and warm to be in.

It looks like I'm going to be working night shift this christmas. My boss showed us a provisional rota and my rota is horrid. I haven't worked Christmas in 2 years so I suppose it is my turn but I'm annoyed that there seems to be a presumption that those of us that don't have children should always work Christmas. A few of the others on my grade haven't worked Christmas in quite a few years and they either have children or aren't the most reliable at coming to work. I get angry that because I don't have children and don't have much sick time, I'm getting penialised by working lots of public holidays and weekends. Argghh. Oh for a 9-5 job. I think I need to start thinking about what I do next as I don't really fancy working where I am forever.

The biggest stitching news is that Ive finished Christmas mystery. A picture will appear here shortly. I'm looking forward to Christmas mystery 2.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Update time

Sorry for the long gap. I must try and make time for post here.

Big news is that I have the keys to my house and I'm in the process of getting organised. Some of the flooring is down and I got some furniture delivered today. I'm also in the process of getting an internet connection organised. I can't use my current ISP as they won't wire in broadband or a phone line to a 2nd floor flat.

I seem to have a huge list of things to do but I'm making time for stitching. In the past few weeks I've stitching ornaments for the TWBB ornament exchange. Its my favourite exchange ever. I love making ornaments and this gives me the ideal excuse to make a few. You also get some lovely ones in return. I can't share any pictures yet though.

I've also been stitching on Christmas mystery 1 and part 11 is finished. The last part is coming out early courtesy of Martina to allow us all to finish before christmas and get it framed. I've put the picture of my WIP in my webshots album.

Just after my last blog entry, I went to the chatelaine class in London and had a fab time meeting Martina and everyone else. We got a kit for a lovely needlecase and fob which I finished recently. Again there are pictures of it and the class in the webshots album.

I'm away to work now. Night shift tonight.