Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stuck at home progress

The past week has been pretty much home based for me as I've had a heavy brush with the flu. Not sure if its the H1N1 or regular flu but I do know that its knocked me for six. One week on, I'm still off work and feeling below par. I did the sensible thing and quarantined myself at home with plenty of fluids and lots of rest. Thankfully I'm getting back to normal and hopefully I will be back at work at the weekend. Which will be just in time for me to get my flu jabs at work as apparently the vaccinations start next week.

As I've started to feel better, I've been managing to knit and stitch a bit. Mostly still stitching as it seems to be calling the loudest. And I managed to finish something - Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy by Mirabilia. Its on 32 ct raw linen using the recommended Crescent colors threads.

Thanksgiving Harvest fairy

October is Socktoberfest in the Sock knitting world. My aim is to try and finish some of the socks I have on my needles. First up, the Pumpkin socks I started last September. I've finally managed to finish the first one and I've made a start on the second.

Pumpkin socks wip

Hopefully I can get them finished before the end of the month.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Secret knitting and actual stitching

Its been a busy time since I came back from London. The next weekend, I travelled down to Swindon to meet up with a group of stitching friends. Inspired by seeing lots of people stitching, I actually stitched rather than knitted. I've been spending a lot more time knitting rather than stitching lately and I'm starting to really miss stitching. I actually finished something whilst I was there - Pumpkins by JBW design using Sparklies thread in Titian.

JBW Pumpkin

This past weekend I was also at a stitching get together at Pat's in Preston. I did this GTG as a day trip as its only just over 2 hours away by train. It was a great day and we even had a very tiny attendee in Rach's new baby Henry, who is only 3 weeks old.

It meant I got the chance to give Rach the presents I had made for Henry in person.

2 pairs of socks in Lorna's laces Shepherd sock in Georgetown and Rainbow.

Georgetown baby socks

Rainbow baby socks

And a pair of booties - the pattern is Tiny Shoes by Ysolda Teague and they are knitted in Malabrigo sock in Abril and Lettuce.

Tiny shoes pic 2

Baby Henry has an older sister so I thought I would knit her something too - Poppy, also designed by Ysolda Teague.


Not all my knitting lately has been for gifts. I also finished a pair of fingerless mitts in lovely Merino DK that I bought at the IKnit weekender. The pattern is again by Ysolda and is the Cairn mitts from her book Whimsical little knits. I do knit pattern designed by other people honestly.

Cairn mitts finished

On the train back from the GTG on Saturday, I stitched for the whole journey so I've actually finished two more bits of stitching.

Happy fall to thee by Merry Cox.

Happy fall to thee

Brew by R & R reproductions.


Both these designs are from the Shepherd's bush retreat I went to in 2006. I'm thinking I will finish them into little ornaments or pinkeeps. Hopefully this is a sign that my stitching mojo is returning, its been very sadly missed here.

London Part 2, Iknit and the OMA trunk show

Finally getting around to blogging the rest of my London/Iknit trip. At the end of my last post, I had been sightseeing around London.

On the Friday, the Iknit weekender started. One of the big appeals of the IKnit event was the chance to take a class with Marjan of Yarnissma fame. Most of the socks I have knitted in the past are cuff down ones but I've been getting pushed into the direction of Toe up socks due to a combination of the Socktopus sock club and loving the look of Yarnissma's patterns. In the class Marjan explained the ins and outs of toe up socks and she also bought along all her sample socks. The sample socks were amazing to see - I have a couple of the Yarnissma kits so it was very inspiring. I completely failed to take any pictures of them however. I did finish my little sample sock

Sock from Yarnissma class

After lunch with some of the Gourock knitters and Catherine from the Glasgow group, it was back to shopping. Later on, I also got to meet up with Joy from Knitting goddess yarns and some of the other knitters from her Ravelry group. We all had a great chat and I got to catch up with Scully, who I have known for such a long time and haven't seen for a while. Some neighbouring knitters got enabled into Ravelry and Ysolda of Ysolda Teague designs wandered by too. I really love her designs so it was more than a little cool to meet her.

After all the shopping and chatting, I was only really up to relaxing on Ravelry and eating Sushi - two of my favourite things lol.

Relaxing after iknit

Saturday was yet another lovely day so I went off for a wander again before heading to Iknit. Piccadilly Circus was busy as always

Piccadilly circus

I had more of a wander around Whitehall and Westminister. Lots of statues to see but sadly very few were of women. I did find one of Florence Nightingale.

Statue of Florence Nightingale

And one to the Women of World War 2.

War statue with a difference

And then I was off to the Iknit weekender - the one and only picture I took there.

Outside iknit weekender

Once inside, I bought more yarn and some really brilliant buttons. I also finally managed to have a chat with Natalie from the Yarn yard who I keep missing at other events. Slightly ironic that we both travel from Scotland to meet there.


Speaking of the Yarn yard, I was also lucky enough to win some yarn in the P/hop raffle at IKnit. P/Hop stands for Pennies per hour of pleasure and is a fundraiser for Medecins Sans Frontieres, a rather excellent charity that provides health care in areas where its is really needed. I had a very interesting chat about their work that gave me a little to think about.

This is the yarn I won. Very me colours.

The yarn yard toddy blues/greens
On the Sunday, it was time to head home but before heading home, I met up with another Raveler and travelled out to the Old Maiden Aunt trunk show at Socktopus. I met Lilith of OMA in my knitting group. She doesn't get the chance to attend these days but I do see her sometimes so I really wanted to go the trunk show to support her as I knew she was getting stressed about it. Also I've been a customer of Alice of Socktopus since she opened her shop and I couldn't miss the chance to meet her too and visit her shop, especially as she is moving to within Stash. We arrived a little early and thankfully Alice and Lilith let us in.

There were a lot of people keen to get in.

Eager knitters waiting to get in

And then shop for mostly purple yarn

Purple yarn shopping

Carefully examine the yarn and eat Brownies and jelly beans

Lots of knitters

And just knit and socialise.

Shopping and socialising

The trunk show was fab and it was great to met lots of people who I only know via Ravelry. Also I got the chance to catch up with another Joy from Crafty threads and yarns as we completely missed each other at Iknit. Alice is so lovely and I'm so glad I got to visit her shop before she moved to Stash.

I bought some of Lilith's yarn at the show, which is a little ironic considering that I live fairly near to Lilith's studio. But holiday yarn is the best sort.