Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lots of little things

I haven't fallen down a hole since my last update. Its just there's been a lot of little things keeping away.

First up I finished one of the knitting projects that I mentioned in my last post - my February Lady sweater in lovely New lanark aran yarn. This yarn is made fairly close to home, is cheap and its a lovely mix of blue and purple.

Blueberry FLS

Late last year I joined the Socktopus sock club and the first package arrived recently. The pattern this time is for a toe up sock which is something I've never tried. The first sock is done although the ankle is a little tight as my ankles are a little on the bigger side.

Om shanti sock 1

The yarn is Chameleon colorworks Evolution.

For the past week, most of my time has been taken up with the preparations for a job interview which I had on Friday. I had to prepare a presentation and do a ton of reading up for the post which would have been a promotion. Sadly I didn't get the job - I've been told that the candidate field was of a very standard and I was slightly under the required experience for the job. I've taken some solace from that as I really wasn't sure I would get an interview for the post in the first place. Still it would have been a good job. I have my eye on another vacancy though.

On a slightly more geeky note, I've been spending a bit of time spring cleaning and upgrading my computer in the past few weeks so I now have a shiny new operating system to use, OS X Leopard plus a nice tidy computer which has all its files backed up. I've also joined the Twitter bandwagon today, largely just to see what its like.

I reached another milestone in my ongoing health and fitness plan today - I have now lost 3 stone/42 lbs/19 kgs in weight since I started working out in August 2007. I didn't really start the whole thing for anything other than working on helping my back originally so the loss in weight is a great side effect. Plus in what was a total surprise to me, I actually enjoy going to the gym and the way it makes me feel. Not something I would have said 2 years ago.