Monday, November 06, 2006

Stitching progress

Not too much going on around here hence the lack of posts. I've been stitching quite a bit the past couple of weeks as I tend to do at this time of year. I usually find October onwards is my most productive time of the year. I guess its because Christmas is around the corner and its my favourite time to stitch for.
The other reason for not posting is that I've been preparing for a job interview today. It went fairly well and I'm going back to the company to spend some time with one of the staff to see if its the sort of job I want to do. Its still in nursing but working for a private company rather than a hospital. Hopefully it will all work out, only time will tell.

Anyway back to the stitching. I've running slightly late on my seasonal stitching this year (or really early for next year lol). So in the past week, I stitched two of the Halloween bags from Shepherds bush that I bought at the retreat. They are really quick to stitch.

And then on to Winter stitching. I've had this chart pack from Hobb Nobb designs in my stash for a little while so I though it was time to stitch it. The frame is one I bought at Wye needlecraft earlier in the year for the bargain price of £1. I used one of these earlier in the year for another Hobb Nobb design and they are just the right size.

I also started another Christmas project - Jillian's stocking by Shepherd's bush. Its going pretty quickly so far but I'm a bit annoyed as the chart states two skeins of Weeks dye work no5 perle is needed to stitch the dress bit. I've used both skeins of thread and I've not quite finished stitching the dress. I've ordered another skein from a LNS in the US as its not a thread that I've found from my usual sources of overdyed threads here. Other than that, I'm really enjoying stitching it.