Saturday, February 16, 2008

Work, sleep, knit, repeat.

And throw a little internet surfing, a tiny bit of stitching too and that sums up life for the past month. There was also a rather nasty cold which floored me for a few days. Finally though the dark days of winter are starting to be over and it was actually light at 5 this afternoon. Its a downside of living in Scotland that the days are so short in winter, which is thankfully balanced out by long summer days.

There has been a little stitching in the past month. First off a stray Christmas ornament that I finished the stitching on in January and I did the finishing on yesterday. Its French country mitten by JBW designs on some Lambswool linen using Gloriana silk in Cranberry.

French country mitten

Then this afternoon I finished Autumn Silhouette by Blackbird designs. I used Crescent colors thread in Pansy purple for my version and the fabric is some R&R reproductions linen in Light expresso.

Autumn Silhouette

There is another project which I completed but its for an exchange so I can't share it until it arrives at its destination. Its a little overdue already so I hope the postal service hurries up.

Most of my off time in the past month has been spent knitting. I've finished a pair of socks using the remains of a skein of Lisa Souza sock yarn which I had already used to make a pair of monkey socks. One skein of this yarn seems to go very far, partly because I have small feet.

Lime n violet short socks

I've also been doing some baby knitting for a stitching friend. Sadly work stopped me getting to a GTG to give the knitted items in person but I was able to send them to Joy who was hosting the GTG.

The hats are knitted from a pattern in the book Itty bitty hats which I've used before. The socks were knitted using some of my sock yarn leftovers and took about an hour to knit the pair. And finally a Tulip baby cardigan which I bought the kit from Socktopus, my current favourite yarn supplier. If you knit and haven't bought from Alice yet, I would recommend Socktopus very highly. Many of the yarns she stocks aren't available elsewhere in the UK and the customer service is second to none.

Bunnytail hat

Little pumpkin hat

Baby socks

Tulip baby cardigan

Tomorrow I'm back to work which is not much fun at present as my workplace is being renovated around the staff and patients by the world's slowest workmen. I've got a week off coming up at the start of March which can't come too quickly at the moment.