Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Very tired

I'm so tired just now. I've been doing two weeks of day shift and then 2 weeks of night shift and it gets so tiring after a while. I finished night shift Monday morning and I then have 3 further night shifts this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. After that I have a weeks holiday which will include a stitching show visit. I will be going with my mum who doesn't cross stitch but does dress making and my aunt who does cross stitch after I started her stitch during a previous show visit.
The stash room organisation has begun. I bought some drawer units during the Ikea trip and I've put all my kits, WIPs, fabric and so on in them. It was a little scary to see it all but it definately got me stitching more. I'm in a finish it mood at the moment and hopefully I should have Emerald mermaid finished this weekend and may be Legends of the spellcasters. I have a Nashville order on its way plus some silks so the postman is eagerly awaited everyday.

I had some happy family news on Monday - my sister got engaged to her boyfriend. She's asked me to be a bridesmaid when the wedding happens in a year or so. I think we are all going out for a family meal this weekend to celebrate.

To answer Faith's question Paisley is in the West of Scotland. Its about 10 miles from Glasgow near the River Clyde. Greenock is about 20 minutes down the motorway. The main claim to fame for Paisley is that it is the home of the Paisley Pattern. Where I stay in Paisley is close to the Anchor mills where they used to make Anchor threads so its an appropriate town for a stitcher. Its just a pity we don't have an LNS.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm back

Well I was away slightly longer than planned.........
Basically what happened was that I moved into my new flat then the telephone company decided that they were very hopeless and I couldn't get a phone line from them for 2 months. I would have been quicker learning how to connect the cables myself.

Anyway I now have a phone line and 1mb broadband which is very lovely and fast. So hopefully I will be posting more here.

At the moment I'm trying to get organised. I'm lucky enough that I have a spare bedroom which I am planning to have a sofabed in but mostly to use as a stash/sewing room. I'm looking around for storage ideas at the moment and so tomorrow I am planning a trip to the hell that is Ikea. I feel like I have been living in furniture shops for the past two months and if I never have to assemble flat pack furniture from barely understandable instructions with holes that don't line up, it will be brilliant.