Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just in the nick of time...

The Winter Olympic closing ceremony is on television and I've finished my Clapotis. I missed out two of the straight row repeats partly because I didn't want it to be too long (I'm only 5ft tall) and also because I had feeling that the 3 hanks of Lorna lace's that I had wasn't going to be enough. I've ended up with a little yarn left but better that than running out at the end. I finished about half way through the ceremony this evening - I did think yesterday evening that I wouldn't make it.
During the Olympics, I've also been taking part in the Chatelaine stitchers Olympics organised by Holley on the Chatelaine board. I set 12 goals in total which I had no hope of meeting. I managed two - I finished parts 3 and 4 of mystery 8 and I've posted a picture here along with 2 pictures of my Clapotis, which incidentally is in Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in the shade called Watercolour. I loved knitting with the yarn but given the price of it, I can't see me knitting much in it.

This coming week brings the first of two weeks off work. I have lots of household things I want to get caught up on and I would like to paint at least one room in my flat so a trip to the local DIY store is on the agenda tomorrow to look at colours. I'm also planning to try and work up a few sample invitations for my sister's wedding next June. Yesterday I went out with her and my Mum and Aunt so she could try on some dresses. After only five, she has found a style she loves. My mum is going to make the dress plus the bridesmaids' dresses so the next year is going to be busy. My mum is a wonderful machine sewer but her hand sewing isn't very good. I can't machine sew but I can hand sew and my sister wants a gown which is partly beaded so I will attaching the beads to the dress. I've beaded a couple of bridesmaids dresses before and it takes forever. Hence the reason why I need to make a early start on the invites. Somewhere amongst this I still want to have time to stitch and knit. I can see that the next year is going to be a busy one.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

And that makes a pair

I should be knitting my clapotis I know but the second sock was close to being done plus I needed a small project to take to work as I've got night shifts this week. Sock knitting is, I suspect, going to take up a lot of my knitting time in the future. Before I started the first sock, I was very wary of double pointed needles and knitting in the round. Now I'm not really sure why I was so worried about it - it just clicked once I started. Plus now I've worn these socks for the first time and they are the most comfortable and warm socks I have worn.
My Chatelaine Olympic stitching goals are going fairly well too. I have 12 goals in total which are mostly parts of Mysteries and online projects. So far I've finished parts 3 and 4 of Mystery 8. I've also almost finished part 9 of Taj Mahal garden. I really want to get some of my current Chatelaine projects because I want to start more lol. I want to stitch the Japanese Octogon box project. My bedroom is Oriental style things and the box would go perfectly with it. I plan to hang Taj Mahal garden and Japanese garden in there too once they are done.
This weekend is pretty much a bust for me. I'm working Saturday and Sunday night so most of the weekend will be sleeping and working. On Sunday night, the other nurse I am working with is extremely annoying. On a plus note, this will be the last time I have to work with him as he is leaving to go to a new job. The worse of it is that he is a nice person who would go out of his way to help you but after more than an hour or so of working with him, I just want to run away. Unfortunately I can't do that and the shift lasts 12 hours. So I'm hoping for either a busy night with the patients needing things done or if its not so busy, I will distract myself with sock knitting or stitching.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Off to a good start

As you can see, I've got off to a fairly good start with my Knitting Olympic challenge. I absolutely love knitting with the Lorna's laces Lion and Lamb. It feels lovely to knit with and the colours seem to flow.
I haven't got any stitching or knitting done today as I went with my mum and two aunts to Edinburgh for an open day at the Scottish family records office. Two of my aunts are researching the family tree and they got loads of information. I want to try and research my Dad's family tree as he knows little of his background as my Gran wouldn't talk about her childhood in Ireland or any other family history. I've manage to find a few details today and I"ve now got to wait for a certificate coming from London.
The day nearly had a diasterous start. I popped into a fast food place to buy some coffee on the way to Edinburgh and when I picked up the cup, the lid popped off pouring hot black coffee on to my hand. I got some ice from the fast food guy whose main concern was giving me more coffee. Obviously my hand was more of a worry to me. When I spoke to the manager, he seemed surprised that a plain paper cup without any holder might fall to bits when its filled with very hot liquid. Grrrrr. My hand is a little sore still but it doesn't look like any lasting damage has been caused.

On a last note, thanks everyone who has commented here recently. I'm not the most chatty stitcher on the internet and in real life, I'm a very shy person who takes a lot of time to get to know people. Your comments are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Olympic madness

Okay I think I might be taking on a little too much. In an effort to distract myself from the horrid month that is February, I've decided to get involved in some very different Olympic related events.

The Yarn Harlot has launched the Knitting Olympics from her blog and I've decided that I will take up the challenge. My plan is to stitch Clapotis using some gorgeous Lorna's lace lion and lamb in Watercolor which has been calling my name, I still have one hank to turn into a ball and hopefully I'll post some before knitting pictures tomorrow after work.

If that wasn't enough, Holley on the Chatelaine board has launched the Chatelaine Olympics in a similar vein. I've put down a list of 12 goals which I'm sure are probably way beyond what I could stitch in the time that the Olympics is on but hey I like a challenge and all that stitching and knitting is definitely fun so why not.

My other hope is that will distract me from the fact that I'm having a few problems with pain across my nose and forehead. For anyone who doesn't know me well or didn't know me 2 years ago, I am fairly accident prone. Just over 2 years ago, I fell flat on my face giving me 2 black eyes and a nose that isn't quite the same anymore. I saw an ENT specialist at the time who told me that I hadn't seen him soon enough after the accident ( I got the appointment I was given by the Accident department) and wouldn't commit himself as to whether it was broken. Since then my nose has intermittently been uncomfortable but for the past week or so, its been more uncomfortable, sore at times and just not right. I need to see my GP but I haven't yet as I know they will send me to an ENT specialist and they might want to do a nasal manipulation. I saw a few nasal manipulation done as a student nurse and I don't particularly fancy getting it done. People think that Nurses don't get freaked by these things but I"m a real chicken about this stuff. I'm frightened of needles and I've never had a general anaesthetic or spent longer than a hour in hospital as a patient. I think I know too much about what can go wrong plus I'm a complete wimp.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A new month

I'm so glad January is over. I find this time of year so hard as its dark so much of the time and some days, you need to have the lights on all the time so you can see. At least the days are getting longer.
I finished a couple more things in time for the end of January and they are even framed. The first one is Dear Santa, I can explain by Lizzie Kate. I start it before Christmas but didn't manage to finish it in time. I'm looking at it as an early finish for next Christmas. The second one was a design by the Sweetheart company called the Perfect man. I bought both these designs at the Harrogate stitching show in November along with the frames. The gingerbread man one was slightly damaged so I got a good deal on it and a little paint and glue later, it was sorted.
I also finished my Valentine's exchange piece from the SBEB and used a new finishing technique, which worked well. I can't share any pictures yet as it hasn't reached its destination.

On the exchange front, I received my SBEB Valentine's exchange this morning from Cindy. Its an absolutely gorgeous stitching topped box and I also got some lovely evenweave, cotton fabrics and threads with it. Oh and thistle heart design chart too. I really love these exchanges. I've received such beautiful things from such lovely, talented and friendly stitchers and had lots of fun making and sending things to others.