Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just in the nick of time...

The Winter Olympic closing ceremony is on television and I've finished my Clapotis. I missed out two of the straight row repeats partly because I didn't want it to be too long (I'm only 5ft tall) and also because I had feeling that the 3 hanks of Lorna lace's that I had wasn't going to be enough. I've ended up with a little yarn left but better that than running out at the end. I finished about half way through the ceremony this evening - I did think yesterday evening that I wouldn't make it.
During the Olympics, I've also been taking part in the Chatelaine stitchers Olympics organised by Holley on the Chatelaine board. I set 12 goals in total which I had no hope of meeting. I managed two - I finished parts 3 and 4 of mystery 8 and I've posted a picture here along with 2 pictures of my Clapotis, which incidentally is in Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in the shade called Watercolour. I loved knitting with the yarn but given the price of it, I can't see me knitting much in it.

This coming week brings the first of two weeks off work. I have lots of household things I want to get caught up on and I would like to paint at least one room in my flat so a trip to the local DIY store is on the agenda tomorrow to look at colours. I'm also planning to try and work up a few sample invitations for my sister's wedding next June. Yesterday I went out with her and my Mum and Aunt so she could try on some dresses. After only five, she has found a style she loves. My mum is going to make the dress plus the bridesmaids' dresses so the next year is going to be busy. My mum is a wonderful machine sewer but her hand sewing isn't very good. I can't machine sew but I can hand sew and my sister wants a gown which is partly beaded so I will attaching the beads to the dress. I've beaded a couple of bridesmaids dresses before and it takes forever. Hence the reason why I need to make a early start on the invites. Somewhere amongst this I still want to have time to stitch and knit. I can see that the next year is going to be a busy one.

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