Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Tiny! ten adventures

Tiny! ten has now left Scotland to continue on his travels but before he left, there were a few more photo opportunities.

This past week, Torchwood was dominating the BBC1 schedules so it was only natural to watch it with Tiny! ten. No spoilers here as I know its not been on elsewhere in the world. All I will say is that it was really, really good.

Tiny Ten watching Torchwood

We also went to knitting group and sat in the Conservatory with a variety of artwork.

Tiny Ten at the Lansdowne

There was also a little bit of Paisley sightseeing. Down by the old Anchor thread mill and the Hamills - a local waterfall.

Tiny ten at the Hamills

And back towards the mill from beside the river.

Tiny ten by the river in Paisley

And a rare blog picture of me with Tiny! ten.

Me and Tiny ten

Tiny! ten has now travelled to England to continue his adventures and I hope that Andrea has as much fun with him.


Sheila said...

I´ve had as much fun seeing these pictures as I´m sure you had taking them, and showing Tiny! Ten around your part of Scotland.
Great fun - thanks :)

Scully said...

Those photos are hilarious Paula! I esp loved the one with the 'tardis' Genius idea...I am sure you will look back on these pics with great fondness in years to come.

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome pictures!