Monday, July 06, 2009

The adventures of Tiny! ten

Its probably obvious from previous posts that I'm a bit of a Doctor Who fan. Anyway last year on the Who knits group on Ravelry, I signed up for a swap called the Travelling timelord pass along which involves a crocheted tiny version of the Tenth Doctor travelling between various knitters across the world. Tiny! ten arrived with me last week and I've been out about taking pictures of Tiny! ten in various locations.

We went to Stirling and visited the Castle.

Tiny Ten at Stirling

Stopped by George Square in Glasgow.

Tiny Ten at George Square Glasgow

Visited the Police box in Buchannan street in Glasgow.

Tiny Ten sees a familar thing

Went off to Edinburgh and visited the Royal mile.

Tiny Ten and a red phone box

Climbed up to Edinburgh Castle.

Tiny Ten and a cannon

Tomorrow I'm off for a wander around Glasgow and Paisley for more pictures and then off to Knitting group for the evening with Tiny! ten in tow.


Joyus said...

That's so funky - and it's scary how much Tiny Ten looks like DT. LOL

Sheila said...

I would have guessed that was David Tennant before you is amazing that a crocheted Timelord is the spitting image of the real man!! Weird.
Great pictures too :)

Kathleen said...

That looks brilliant!
Bet he felt at home on Buchanan Street. x K

Lucy said...

That is so funny and so cute!

Jan said...

OMG. That is so cute! I want one.

KaLu said...

he is so cute! you guys visited really cool places

Karen said...

Loved your knitted Dr. Who--and all the great photos! Thanks!

Flavaknits said...

What a cute Tenth Dr Who! He's certainly getting around , must be the tardis! lol
Looks like you are having fun.

MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome pictures!