Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May the fourth

Today being Star Wars day, I have a very appropriate knitting finish to share. One of my work colleagues is due to have her first baby very soon. Both she and her husband are fairly geeky (like me) and her husband is a huge Star Wars fan. When I mentioned that I planned to knit some things for the baby, she was very keen and the idea of some more non traditional knits appealed to her.

So I knitted a outfit very appropriate for a new born Jedi - Baby Yoda Hat and sweater with felted baby sized light saber

Baby yoda outfit

I knitted a couple of other things also

Tiny Shoes designed by Ysolda Teague in Old Maiden Aunt Sock yarn in Lon Dubh

Finished tiny shoes

And one of my favourite baby knits - Little pumpkin hat from Itty bitty Hats

Little Pumpkin hat

I'm in the process of finishing a blanket and some baby socks, pictures to follow. The Mum to be is finishing up work in a couple of weeks so I'm planning to get the baby knitting finished for this weekend so I can hand over the gifts next week.


Joyus said...

OMG I may never forgive you for not giving Connor a Yoda suit - that is SO cool LOL LOL

Joyus said...

That's not a hint for one by the way, it's pure total geeky appreciation!

Sheila said...

What fabulous gifts....they will absolutely love them :)

soCherry said...

Wow - It all looks great! Well done you!

Karoline said...

They are all gorgeous, you'll have to let me know where I could get the pattern for the lightsabre as I know another small boy who would like one.

Rosie is still wearing her pumpkin hat, I'm amazed that it still fits but it does LOL

Anonymous said...

They look fantastic, that's such a cool present!

MysteryKnitter said...

Quite presents!