Friday, June 29, 2007

An update from me

I've not been a blog writing mood lately. Partly there was the foot pain thing and I didn't want to be too negative. Thinking too much about my foot and what if it doesn't get better hasn't made for particularly positive thoughts. Last weekend was pretty much made up of a lot of pain and a lack of sleep. Anyway that's my whining over. Life could be much worse and I get paid when I'm off sick.
I've started physio and its going fairly well. The interesting thing is that the physio thinks that the foot pain isn't really plantar fascilitis but its a back problem. I was a little doubtful at first and got upset during my first physio session, largely due to the pain I was in at the time. Two weeks on, I've got a load of exercises to do and my foot isn't really sore anymore. I have had a horrendously sore back for the past two weeks though but even this seems to be better since I had an ultrasound treatment to my back on Monday. The strange thing is that I didn't have back pain until after the physio started but the physio reckons that the foot pain was masking the back pain. My boss is not so casually hinting that she hopes I'm back soon but I'm not letting her rush me back and I'm going to take the physio's advice about when I should go back.

I've been keeping busy whilst I've been off and I've been knitting and stitching away. I did also manage to make it to a weekend GTG with a load of other stitchers which was a lot of fun. I've finished a few stitching bits so I'll have some pictures of them over the weekend as I'm planning to do some framing/finishing this weekend.

Meanwhile I've got some finished socks to share.

Sassy stripes socks

Heels and toes socks

I've almost finished another pair which are in Garnstudio's fabel sock yarn.

Fabel socks

Hopefully I'll get them finished tomorrow. Other than a brief trip out to get a few bits, my only other plan for tomorrow is to watch the very exciting last episode of this series of Doctor Who. David Tennant, John Barrowman and John Simm together in one TV program is almost too good.


claudia said...

Sorry to hear about your foot just doesn't seem to stop sometimes. But it sounds like the docs are getting a handle on it for you, I am glad to hear that!. My foot has been an almost perfect body part and behaving nicely. My nurse practitioner decided to give me a cortisone shot and it has been an absolute blessing. Then the pain I was having in my hip went away, so I think I may have had the plantar facilitis, which caused pain in my hip cause I was walking wrong. At any rate, I am feeling better, and hop it stays that way. Thanks for your support in this!

Your socks are so cute! I don't know how to knit...I'm all left thumbs when it comes to picking up the needles.

Isabelle said...

Sorry to hear you're still in pain Paula... hope your foot gets better really soon.

Your socks are beautiful!

Karoline said...

I hope the Physio's approach works.

Nice socks :) Good to see you making a (small) dent in the yarn stash

Seahorse said...

Hope your foot/back continue to improve. Stick to your guns with not being rushed into doing too much too soon.

Great socks!

Adana said...

Knowing you live very near the airport outside Glasgow I hope all is well there Paula. And I hope you're feeling better soon and can get back to work, as if that were a good thing! LOL
Thinking of you.

stitcherw said...

I'm so sorry that you are still having problems with your foot (and now also your back). Hoepfully it will continue to improve and you'll feel better soon.

The socks look wonderful, especially the fun purple pair. Have fun watching Dr. Who, and I'll look forward to seeing some pictures of your finishing soon.

tintocktap said...

Love your socks! And the colours are gorgeous. I've never been quite brave enough to attempt knitting socks!

Glad to hear that your foot is improving - my mum had plantar fascilitis at one point and it really kept her off her feet for a couple of years. Hope what you have is simpler to sort out!

Anne S said...

Sorry to hear that you're still having health problems. But hey, it could be worse, it could be your hands and then you couldn't knit ;) Yeah, Mum always said you can find a silver lining in everything haha. It's a good thing PC screens don't let anything through, or you'd have to wash the last pair of your socks really quickly, 'cos I just slobbered all over them with drool - those blue ones are to die for!! :D (the others are lovely too, but I'm biased LOL)

Glenda said...

That last episode of Doctor Who totally rocked! But then, I have always had a soft spot for the Master and John Barrowman is so drool-worthy. Is Torchwood worth watching? Besides John that is?

And I'm thinking good thoughts for your physio. The body can certainly do strange things .

LepprdQueen said...

I know this is an old post but I just had to say...

"David Tennant, John Barrowman and John Simm together in one TV program is almost too good."

.....couldn't agree more ;-)

MysteryKnitter said...

I wish all the best to you related to your health situation.