Saturday, July 07, 2007

Stitching and other things

Life is pretty much still a mixture of stitching, knitting and doing exercises at the moment. My physio think I might be able to return to work in a couple of weeks. Whilst not working is nice, I'm a little bored at home all the time. The internet and especially friends at various BBs and on blogs have kept me sane.

On Thursday, I was out and about with my aunt and her grand daughter. Its school holiday time here so there are children every where. Her grand daughter is only 7 and loves Doctor Who so when I heard there was a fan staged exhibition at Paisley museum, we had to go.
At the top of the stairs, we saw this

The Tardis

It was built by someone who builds them as a hobby and it looked pretty good.

There were also Daleks from different times in the series.

Daleks through time

All in all, it was pretty fun. Its on for the rest of month and whilst it was pretty small, there's also the Paisley shawl and weaving exhibits to look at. I'm planning to go back and have a better look soon. I really like the motifs in paisley pattern and I would like to design some sort of stitched paisley pattern piece in the future.

Paisley and Glasgow have been in the news quite a bit this past week after some people decided to drive a car into the local airport aiming to kill people and blow up the airport. I live a very short drive away from Glasgow airport, which is actually just outside Glasgow in Paisley. Its been very shocking for everyone locally that this happened here. The west of Scotland hasn't got a lot of experience in having terrorist attacks here, although the proximity of Ireland means there have been connections to terrorist attacks. I guess I'm still in shock that it happened so close to home in what is a fairly small town.

Given that people have seen the not so nice side of Paisley this week, here is a picture of a lovely bit of Paisley's history.

The Anchor mill

The building is the old Anchor thread mill, which is now converted into flats. It lay in disrepair for a long time after it closed and its so lovely to see it restored. The mill is just past the end of my street. Because of the past history that Paisley has with weaving and threads, many of the streets are named after fabrics - Gauze, Lawn etc.

I didn't get too much finishing done last weekend. I managed to framed two things I finished recently.

Mirabilia's Miss Valentine fairy

Miss Valentine fairy

When the chips are down by Hobb Nobb designs

When the chips are down.

I did, however, finish Miss New years fairy by Mirabilia, which started during my recent not blogging time.

Miss New Years fairy

During that time, I also finished a couple of Shepherds bush monthly musing designs which need finishing into a cushion and an ornament respectively. I also finished the Halloween fairy.

Halloween fairy

This week, I've got a couple of exchanges to work on so that will keep me busy.


Linda litlaskvis said...

Wonderful finishes! Thos fairies are beautiful. I saw the Thanksgiving one the other day and fell in love with the colors in it. If we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Iceland, I would definitely stitch her!

Anonymous said...

That bombing was awful. I thought of you Paula, when I heard it was Glasgow. Here's an interesting connection for you...the cousin of the 2 guys arrested in Scotland, was caught leaving Brisbane airport here in Oz with a one way ticket.

I love the pic and history of Paisley. Very interesting..thanks for that!

Karoline said...

Great finishes Paula. It's great to see the Coats Mill restored and in use again as I remember it as totally derelict. I used to spend so much time in the museum as the bus stop for Houston was just outside, I would alternate between the museum and the library to kill time waiting for my bus home

stitcherw said...

Glad that your therapy is moving along, you must be so eager to have it all finished.

Your finishes are all lovely, you've been quite busy. Halloween Fairy is in my stash to do too. I love decorating for Halloween, and she is so pretty.

Georgie said...

I love Halloween Fairy! Well done on your finishes

Karin said...

Great finishes! Congrats.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I am glad that physio is working for you and giving you relief from the pain, your finishes are wonderful.


Cheryl said...

I know im commenting on a old post but i havent visited your blog for a while and when i checked back today i read this post - i work in Paisley so it's nice to "meet" a fellow blogging stitcher so close by!

Michele said...

I love the Mirabilia fairies. They are beautiful


Petra said...

I love your fairies! I am currently stitching New Years Fairy and had a problem on the legs...all those pesky 1/4 & 1/2 stitches, did you stitch yours in whole stitches and backstitch over that with the metallic for the laces?
I thought I'd poke around online and see if any fellow stitcher might have stitched her and this is how I stumbled upon your great site!