Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Flowers and finishing

The title says it all really. There's a tradition where I work that if you are off work ill for more than a few weeks, you get flowers. Today I answered the door to be presented with some lovely flowers.

The flowers

At the weekend, I bought a new digital camera as mine has decided to stop working properly. I had put some money aside for it as my camera has been gradually failing. I asked around and Gill mentioned the Fuji finepix S5700 that she got recently. It had all that I was looking for and it has a very good macro/supermacro setting. I had a little play with it using the flowers. Its very cool. The colours seem much better too.

close up 2

close up 3

I finally got around to doing the finishing on some projects that have been waiting for too long.

This is Lizzie Kate's Official snow guide on Silkweaver hazelnut lugana.

Official snow guide

Lizzie Kate's Sweet Christmas. I stitched this previously for an exchange and had to stitch it for me. I used the supermacro setting to take the picture and its great for taking pictures of stitching.
sweet christmas

And Best Witches by Shepherds bush.
Best Witches

I'm still stitching on exchanges so I can't share pictures of them yet but I've got some pictures of a previous exchange that I hadn't shared before.

I stitched this for the SBEBB Monochromatic exchange as a replacement for another stitcher who hadn't received their exchange. Its a design from the De fil en aiguille tout rouge issue and its stitched in a thread called Solitaire SF0060 from Sparklies
Monochrome pinkeep

This was the orginal monochromatic exchange that I sent to Leena
Monochrome coaster


KarenV said...

What beautiful flowers! Your new camera does take some lovely pictures.

Great finishing too, you've been busy.

Karoline said...

What lovely flowers and the finishing is great

ollie1976 said...

Great finishes. Pretty flowers. Great pictures with the new camera

stitcherw said...

Wow, beautiful finishes all. Your camera looks like it is taking wonderful pictures, enjoy your new toy.

Nicola said...

You've been so busy! Your stitching is beautiful and I'm sure you felt some sense of achievement getting all your finishing done too!

The flowers are stunning, they must have cheered you up no end!

Deanne J said...

Your flowers are beautiful and you've got some great finishes.

Aussie Stitcher said...

You must be very pleased with your new camera, those photos and finishes are great.


Isabelle said...

Lovely pictures, Paula, and your finishes are so pretty!

Anne S said...

Wow, you've been really busy! Great photos!! Lovely stitching and finishing too! :D