Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lest we forget

Today is Rememberance Sunday in the UK and as such it is a time to remember those lost in conflicts past and present.

The person that I remember here is not someone I have met as he died longer before I was born. Indeed until this year, I had no idea of his extistence. I'm currently researching my pateral family tree and earlier in the year, I obtained my pateral Grandparents" marriage certificate. On getting the certificate, I discovered surprisingly that firstly they married in London (they were both Irish) and secondly that my grandmother's father had served in the army. My grandmother is sadly no longer around to ask and even when she was alive, she did not talk about her life other than the odd snippet so there is not anyone to ask about him.

So today this post is in memory of Private William Fitzpatrick of the Irish Fusilliers/1st Dorsetshire regiment who died July 5th 1915 around Ieper after only 3 months in the Army. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.