Monday, April 11, 2005

March stitching progress and April aims

And so on to March.

At the start of March I had 26 WIPs/UFOs plus 2 Round robins in progress. I felt like I got quite a lot of stitching time in March. I had a week off work so that helped.

March starts were
Tom mouse butterfly chase (country companions design)
Mini mystery H tryout
ornament 3 for Ornament RR group 8
TW you were hatched
Michael Powell Venice Windows 2

March finishes were
Tom mouse butterfly chase
Mini mystery H
Mini mystery H tryout
Legends of the Spellcasters
Ornament 3 for Ornament RR
TW You were hatched

So I ended the month with 25 WIPs/UFOs plus 2 Round robins.

My aims for April are to
start and finish ornament 4 for the Ornament RR
finish Mystery 7
get organised for the UK RR I'm joining that mails out at the end of the month
finish at least one other project.
I would like to end the month with 24 or less WIPs/UFOs. My kit for Chatelaine Eqyptian garden is on its way and I know I won't be able to resist starting it when it arrives (hopefully tomorrow)

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