Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catch up post

I've been procrastinating as usual so this post is going to be a little full of news and pictures. The past couple of weeks have mostly been a hum drum mix of work, various crafty stuff and sleep. There was the minor excitement of my knitting group appearing on a local TV news show - if you are in the UK, you can see it at this link for next few days. It features about 4 minutes in. I'm in the background in a purple shirt, knitting a sock. It was a quite bizarre but fun thing to do.

Since my last post I've heard that two exchanges I've sent have arrived at their destinations. One of the exchanges was very overdue so it was a big relief to find it had arrived. I stitched Tending the blooms for Carol as part of the SBEBB SB exchange. The picture isn't very good sadly.

Tending the blooms

I also heard that Becky had received the Halloween exchange that I sent her as part of a personal Halloween exchange. Rather appropriately as Becky sent me a lovely SB Halloween needleroll, I sent her a SB design in return - Halloween ABC pinkeep.

Halloween ABC pinkeep

I have managed to have a couple of stitching finishes for myself in the past couple of weeks. Both are Shepherds bush designs. First up The Gobelins.

The Gobelins

And then today I finished Scatter Christmas cheer.

Scatter Christmas cheer

I've also managed a couple of knitting finishes. First up a knitted jacket called Anise from Rowan/Simply Knitting magazine, which I mentioned that I had finished in my last post.

Anise finished

Secondly I finished a design called Matilda Jane by Ysolda Teague. Its knitted in Rowan Wool cotton and took exactly a month of knitting. Its knitted in one piece from the top down, which is a fabulous way to knit things with there being so little sewing involved.

Matilda Jane modelled

The weather has been truly awful here this past week with absolutely no natural light for pictures, hence the dark pcitures. Autumn has hit with a typical series of rainy, stormy days with gale force winds and horizontal rain. There's even a possibility of snow next week which is just awful.


Concetta said...

Beautiful exchanges Paula, and I absolutely love all your knitting (makes me want to take it up!) As for the weather - ugh! I remember some nice weather back in June for about a day or two - what the heck has happened since? It's been so awful the past few days, I keep thinking it can't get any worse, but it does. :( Oh well... good excuse for stitching?

Karin said...

My goodness - that is quite the catch up! Gorgeous exchange pieces, and lovely knitting. Hopefully you get some better weather soon.

Joyus said...

Great finishes Paula, you sure have been busy!

karenv said...

Lovely exchanges and finishes Paula. I love your knitting too, particularly the last one, great work!

Gaynor said...

They are lovely finishes..all so good I dont have any favourites.
We have to storms and gales too but hopefully no snow!

Karoline said...

Lots of great finishes Paula especially Matilda Jane

Tracy said...

You've been really busy. I love your knitting. I find it funny that I have the patience for cross stitch, but not knitting. Great work!

Sonda in OR said...

WOW! Busy needles (stitching AND knitting). Everything looks wonderful!

ollie1976 said...

everything looks great

MysteryKnitter said...

Lovely. I mean that jacket and skirt.