Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday stitching progress and some goals

Lately the title of this blog has been a bit deceptive as there's not been a lot of stitching going on around here. The yarn and knitting projects have been calling pretty loudly. My stitching WIP list is huge though so I've been spending a little time stitching this week.

I managed to finish one of my WIPs, Spooky spots by Shepherds Bush.

Spooky spots

I did start another project though - Autumn Watergarden by Chatelaine designs. I moderate two forums on the Chatelaine BB and one of them is for this design so I thought I'd better get cracking with the stitching as I'm already a little behind. I've only managed a little bit so far as I had to buy some threads to go any further.

Autumn watergarden WIP

Finally I've been spending a little time working on another WIP also by Chatelaine designs - Japanese Octagon box. The bit I'm currently working on is the side of the box. I might make this my stitching focus for a while as I really want this finished and on display.

Japanese Octagon box WIP pic 2

I'm going to try setting myself some goals for this month to see if it will help me make more progress on the things I want to do.

This month I'm hoping to

1. Finish my Central Park Hoodie - I only have a little bit of each sleeve, the hood and the button bands to do so its achievable.

2. Finish one pair of socks currently on the needles - again achievable as I'm on the second sock of one pair

3. Stitch at least the first part of Autumn Watergarden

4. Finish stitching the box side of Japanese Octagon box and make a start on at least one more section.


Gaynor said...
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Gaynor said...

Wow, they are all lovely and will look great when they are finished!
I liked looking at the knitting as well lol

Sheila said...

Love the SB one and of course the Japanese Box is stunning!!! I agree you should focus on it and finish it :)
P.S. Did you get my email?

Daffycat said...

Wonderful stitching! I love your SB finish...too cute! Nice start on the Chatelaine, I love that golden fabric. The box design is a stunner!

tintocktap said...

Gorgeous SB finish! And I love the Chatelaine new start too - I've been trying to resist that one so maybe I shouldn't be watching your progress too closely!

Concetta said...

Gorgeous stitching Paula! Spooky Spots is adorable and your Japanese Octagon box is beyond stunning. I'm thisclose to buying the kit for Autumn Watergarden, but I'm so bad with the large Chatelaine Mandala's - I haven't completed one yet.

Von said...

Both knitting and embroidery employ stitches of some kind so your blog title is still appropriate either way. :D

Your Japanese Box project is indeed amazing!

Sonda in OR said...

Wow those stitching projects are great! I don't mind seeing all the knitted stuff either!

Lucy said...

Everything looks great!!! Hey, I hear ya with the jumping around from craft to craft...I do it all the time! Enjoy!

Karin said...

I love the SB finish! Your Chatelaine is coming along well too.

Quiltsmiles said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog. With you listing your UFO's you are accomplishing many items and very productive. Nice Going.
I especially love the Shepards Bush witch spots.
I'll have to see about buying this pattern when I finish my London stitcheries I purchased while vacationing in Ireland.
Keep up the grand work.