Sunday, January 27, 2013

January crafty progress

January has been as it always is, a busy month.  Britain has been slammed with snow which has, in an unusual turn of events, almost completely missed my part of Scotland.  I am very pleased about that as whilst snow is fairly common here, the public transport doesn't cope well with it.

Knitting progress has continued this month with two finishes so far.

Baker Street mittens in Old maiden aunt BFL aran in Royal

Baker Street gloves

Karise in Wollmeise sock yarn Fritzi frizzante


Both of these designs are by the very talented Karina aka Kariebookish and you can see more of her designs on her blog - and also on Ravelry.

I've also been stitching a little and made some progress on a couple of projects.  Today I even finished this little needlepoint kit.


I've also been making a little jewellery - these are for the bridesmaids of a colleague who is getting married in a few weeks.

Purple bracelets

The other positive thing is that I passed the 2nd module of the MSc I am working on which means I can move on to module 3 next week.


CJ in OK ;-) said...

So multi talented, everything is lovely CJ in OK

Lindsay said...

I have the exact same needlepoint kit sitting waiting for me to finish the project on my little scroll frame so I can do it!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on your finishes, I love the mitts

Deb said...

Oh the shawl is just lovely, I hope to improve on my knitting skills so I can start to make something lacy its one of the reasons I wanted to learn to knit. The dragonfly stitchery reminds me of a small quilt square, those colors are very soothing.
What a lovely idea to craft the bridesmaids bracelets. Thanks for sharing.

Annemiek Mulderij said...

Love your stitching projects, looks fantastic !!

Valerie said...

All of your projects are beautiful!

MysteryKnitter said...

How lovely items you have made! I hope the happy couple's big day will be splendid.