Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday stitching

Again I spent this past Saturday working on a local panel for the Great Scottish Tapestry. Last week I stitch some shoes and a bit of a dress.

This week it was more shoes and some grass.

Paisley panel progress pic1

Paisley panel pic 2

Another stitcher finished this lovely thread label section

Corner close up of Paisley panel

The stitchers might recognise the Anchor motif - Paisley is the original home of the Coats and Clark families who founded the original companies that are now the Coats brand. The town has many statues dedicated to the family members, they also paid for the local town hall and built a local Church in memory of Thomas Coats. When I graduated from the local university, the memorial church is where we graduated. The town's textile history is also reflected in street names - Thread, Cotton, Lawn and Gauze streets amongst others.

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Karoline said...

It's looking gorgeous, I've seen parts of one of the other panels on another blog I read. The finished tapestry should be amazing