Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bad blogger

I've been a bit naughty again not blogging but I keep forgetting to post.

On the house news front, I've had a stressful week with the Bank saying they wouldn't extend the loan offer to cover the 2 weeks until completion. I had a frank exchange of views with them on the phone ( No swearing I promise) and they backed down. On Friday I'm going to inspect the flat to make sure it is up to scratch and I should get the keys within the week. I will just be glad when I have the keys and its mine. It just keeps worrying me that something will go wrong.

On a stitching front, I've been round robin stitching. I've just started a new round robin with some old friends and I've got the wee beasties RR too. I'm running later with both but I'm caught up.

This weekend is the Chatelaine workshop in London. I'm a bit anxious about it but I'm looking forward to the stitching part. Plus I get to see Gina and Rachele and meet Martina.

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