Monday, March 21, 2005

Cough cough

The title says it all. I've spent the past few days when I should have been at work, in bed with a cold. Usually I only get one of these cold type bugs each winter but thats now two since the start of the year and both so bad that they knocked me off my feet for a day or two.
Finally though I am starting to stop coughing and I can get some stuff down around the house before I am back at work on Wednesday.

One of the things I found to cheer me up today was buying the new issue of SFX magazine and finding pictures from the Hitchhikers movie along with links to trailers. I have had my doubts about the adaptation and some of the cast but the trailers look very cool. I've even changed my computer wallpaper to a picture of Marvin. After many years of trying to persuade my dad to read the Hitchhikers books, I've persuaded him to read them and he is really enjoying them (as I thought he would).

My sister has set the date for her wedding. Much against many predictions by mum and myself, she has gone for 2nd June 2007. It happens to be my dads birthday too so that's good too. I've committed myself to making all the stationery including the invites and favours so that gives me plently time..

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