Wednesday, March 02, 2005

End of month report and plans for next month

February seems to have flown by this year. I guess because I've been really busy. I'm off work this week which I badly need as I'm so tired. This weekend sees the Biannual Creative stitches show in Glasgow so I get to go stash shopping in person rather than via the net. The LNSs near here are few and far between and don't really stock the stuff I like.

Stitching wise I did well this month. I finished 7 things and only started 3. Of the three starts, two are already done and one will be done this week.
I finished
Dimples Viceroy butterfly
Dimples Californian lady bug
Dragon fly scissor fob by CJ Lucas
An ornament RR project (I can't say what it is just in case)
Mill hill Holly feather tree ornament
Mirabilia Emerald Mermaid
A WB Yeats verse that I charted myself

I'm rather pleased with this progress. I was hoping to finish Legends of the Spellcasters but it wasn't to be.

For this coming month I would like to
Catch up with Mystery 8 ( I'm still stitching part 1)
Complete 2 of my WIPs/UFOs
Do the finishing for 2 ornaments

I would specificially like to finish Legends of the spell casters and Mini mystery H. I'm going to go bell pull hardware shopping at the weekend show as I've decided that I would like to finish the mini mysteries as individual bell pulls and hang them on the room doors in the flat.
A further thing I need to do this month is go to my parents' house and decide what framed stitching is staying with them and what is coming to me. They really apppreciate my stitching so I know it is going to be in good hands. They have already asked if they can keep two of my completed Shepherds bush samplers as they want to hang them in their bedroom. Strangely they have moved into my old bedroom already and redecorated it to make it their bedroom. Both the samplers they picked will look perfect.

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