Sunday, November 06, 2005

Catching up

Since my last post here, I have mostly been stuck in the house with the cold from hell and I made it back to work for one whole day last weekend. The wedding fair went well and I now have a fairly good idea what sort of invitations my sister wants.

As I've been stuck in the house, I've been card making and I have made about 20 or so Christmas cards. I've also knitted 2 scarves for my mum and finished stitching a few things which I can't share just now as they are exchanges or gifts.
I can share some pictures of the scarves though

Last night was Guy Fawkes night in the UK which means lots of fireworks. I forgot that the local council uses the playing fields behind my building to have the council run display. The photographs show the view from the window on the landing on my floor of the building. All my windows face the other direction so I stood at the stair landing window to get a good view.

It was pretty close by so it was really noisy but some of the fireworks were very pretty.
Stitching wise, I have stitching quite a few Christmas ornaments. I've also started Chatelaine Japanese garden on black belfast linen. I'll post a progress picture once I've got a bit more to show.

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