Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bits and bobs

This week started out fairly promisingly. Saturday was the Craft show in Glasgow. Not much stitching to be found and for the first time at a show with stitching stalls, I didn't buy anything stitchy. I did buy more card making stuff - a pack to make for Christmas cards and some ribbons for cards. As I am going to making all my sister wedding stationery, I was trying to get some ideas of what sort of thing she might like. I just need to get my head down and make up some samples.
My mum was really inspired by the knitting stalls and fell in love with two lots of yarn for scarves. So I have just acquired two more knitting projects to do as although she can knit much better than me, she can't knit at all at the moment due to her hand and neck problems. It will be good to make stuff for her as she has made me so many clothes and other stuff over the years and finished off a few projects into cushions for me.

Monday didn't really go too well though. I ended up getting sent home from work as otherwise I would have been sick over the patients, which isn't really what nurses are supposed to do...

I felt better yesterday and even managed to finish off some ornaments for the ornament exchange on the TW BB. I can't share any pictures yet as they need to be a surprise for the receivers. I even managed to sort though some other ornaments that I want to stitch too.

Today I seem have developed the cold from hell. So I have spent most of the day lying on the sofa, watching trashy TV and sleeping. As today is one of my days off for this week, I am not best pleased by this. Also I am supposed to be going to a Wedding fair with my sister, my mum and my sister's future mother in law on Saturday and my sister needs me there to protect her from motherly insanity from both mum and the future MIL, who are both already too overexcited about this wedding. So I need to be better for then or my position as Chief Bridesmaid may be gone due to my sister being driven insane.

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