Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stash and stitching

My stash seems to be getting larger again at the moment. Partly because designers keep releasing things that I love and also because of a bit of lack of stitching time lately combined with a few obilgation bits and pieces. I'm in 2 round robins at the moment and behind in both. Thankfully I seem toi be catching up as I hate to be behind.

I'm also a lot of parts behind in the Chatelaine mysteries that I'm stitching. I'm only on part 3 of Mystery 8 and I haven't even started Christmas mystery 2. Normally I would feel pressured by this but I've decided that the journey is the important thing rather than the time taken.

I've done a bit of stash aquiring today. Mirabilia have released a Christmas elf kit which was a must have for me. Mirabilia plus Christmas equals my perfect project. Tomorrow I'm off to a local stitching and craft show so I think I might be spending some money. I'm going with my mum who is a dressmaker and machine sewer who loves the look of cross stitch but hasn't got the patience. She's a bit down just now as she has a problem with her right hand which has stopped her doing most things. She's worried that it won't improve soon as she is making all the dresses for my sister's wedding in mid 2007. Worrying enough for me is if things don't improve soon, I will be getting a major crash course in machine sewing. The last time I used a machine was over 10 years ago.

Edited to add Yay this post took without having to switch to Firefox so it would seem that Safari and blogger are starting to get along

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