Friday, February 09, 2007

Socks, Socks, Socks

Or more in my obsession with knitting socks. The last time I posted a picture of my socks in progress, it looked like this.

Since this picture was taken, the socks on the top right and top left have had both socks finished. The middle socks on the top row (the red,grey and blue ones) have the first sock finished.

Recently I started taking part in the Sock a month KAL on Crafty threads n yarns, which has been lots of fun so far. It has fueled the sock obsession a little more though.

February's socks are knitted in Colinette's jitterbug yarn, which is so soft. The colour I'm using is Bright charcoal. I've just turned the heel on the first one and I'm knitting along the foot.

These are some of the other socks in progress - on the top row from left to right Hedera in 4ply soft, a simple pair in Cascade sassy stripes, a sock in Regia cotton and a sock in opal 6ply Ladybird.
On the bottom row, a sock with contrasting rib, heel and toes in Lorna's laces in violet and black purl, opal sock in Doctorfish and finally a sock in Lorna's laces Georgetown. In each these are first socks of a pair.

And there's more
A second sock in Lana grossa cotton, a single sock in Lorna's laces Argyle which I haven't cast on the pair for and a regia sock which is my first short row heel sock.

And finally, a first sock in Trekking shade 100 and a first sock in Fleece artist Jester

Which makes 12 in progress (not including the Argyle one which I haven't cast the second one on for). I think I need to knit faster, especially since I've done a little online shopping and today I visited K1 yarns, which is my nearest yarn store. I got to see lots of yarns in person and I can definitely see me knitting some more Colinette yarns in the future. The Cadenza DK is gorgeous.

On the top right are two skeins of Lisa Souza Sock in Limenviolet and little devil which arrived in the post the other day. Today at K1 yarns, I bought some Tofutsies sock yarn, some Hummingbird DK alpaca and some fyberspates sock yarn. I also got some Inca cloud alpaca which will eventually become gloves.


stitcherw said...

Wow, that is a lot of socks. They look great, the colors are so yummy.

Senorita Stitches said...

Oh my! What beautiful yarns! I am amused by how many different ones you are working at once. You are a starter, aren't you?
I am a new knitter. I have started my first pair but came to a standstill when I realized the instructions I was using called for 5dpns and I had only bought a cheapy set that included 4dpns. I found this out when I got to the gusset. I fuddled with it for a while and only got exasperated. I sort of feel like starting the whole thing over. In the mean time I've just practiced on dishcloths and a bookmark. LOL... Nothing nearly as pretty as your sock yarns though.

Anonymous said...

Paula do you actually wear all those socks? And have you ever printed the pattern? Great colors! GB

Karoline said...

Drool, I've just started a new pair of socks and having seen your new wool stash I think I may just have to go into Sheepish when I'm in York this afternoon and indulge. You evil enabler you LOL

Seahorse said...

Lol! You will never suffer from cold feet! I love teh yarns you're using, especially that Trekking 100, fabulous shades! Might have to see if I can find some of that for myself :)

Seahorse said...

You now have your revenge for the fabric ;) Trekking #100 on it's way to my house :)

sandy said...

I LOVE the socks that you have made! I would like to know what size needle you used to make the charcoal socks with the JitterBug yarn. They are GORGEOUS!