Friday, July 04, 2008

The week so far

The needles have been pretty busy this week. I broke away from the sock knitting just after my last post and knitted my very first adult sized hat.

Rose red hat

The pattern is Rose Red by Ysolda Teague and is wonderfully written. The yarn is Orkney angora St Magnus DK in violet and its so very soft.

Tuesday I was back to sock knitting though. For no apparent reason, insomnia hit on Tuesday night and I barely slept. After struggling to sleep for a while, I end up getting up and getting my knitting out for a while.

Prior to bedtime, I finished my first pair for summer of socks - the Uptown no purl monkey socks from my last post.

Uptown no purl monkeys

And then I finished the first sock of my second pair in the early hours of the morning when sleep just wasn't happening.

Fabel sock 1

Its just a plain stockinette sock in Garnstudio fabel and I'm knitting away on the second one. I couldn't resist starting a third pair on some slightly thicker yarn.

Evolution sock 1

The yarn is Evolution by Chameleon colorworks and its merino yarn stretched and heat set. It feels absolutely gorgeous and cashmere like. The pattern is by Gilraen.

I was also cheered up this week by a very short haircut which I'm gradually getting used to. I'm not sure that the hairdresser and I shared the same definition of fairly short but it will grow again lol. I also got a very sweet letter from my Great Uncle in Australia. He's 97 and I've started writing to him recently as he loves getting letters. We've never met but I have met his son who my dad didn't know existed and its turned out last year that he lives in Glasgow. My Great Uncle was apparently a bit of a rogue in his younger days but he's had an interesting life so there's always little interesting bits in his letters about moving to Scotland from Ireland and then on to Australia.

The weekend brings something that I'm very excited about - the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who. I shall be glued to the TV on Saturday night and probably sobbing on the sofa after it. In honour of the finale, I'm going to have a go at Blue Peter's instructions for making a dalek cake. Pictures to follow if it turns out.


karenv said...

Great hat Paula! I love the colourway of the bottom sock, so pretty.

We can't wait for Doctor Who tomorrow night either - such a cliffhanger last week!

Jennifer said...

My grandmother in law is 96, and she adores getting letters and postcards. She wrote to me all the time while I was away in grad school, and I used to love getting her letters filled with reports about her garden and her neighborhood.

tammie said...

your socks are gorgeous makes me want to pick up needles again look forward to seeing the dalek cake..

Concetta said...

Great hat and socks!

The amount of times I've wanted to chop all my hair off, especially in the summer (on the odd day we get that's actually a bit warmer than usual that is... ;) )

Kathleen said...

Your socks are looking great, and your hat looks so cushy and snuggly. I love that yarn and am thinking of investing in some more. You've had a very productive week, by the looks of it. x K

stitcherw said...

Love your hat, it's a gorgeous color and looks so soft. Great socks too, your needles have been flying. Sorry you haven't been able to sleep, but you certainly were productive in the sock area. Have fun watching the new Dr. Who's.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your hat is gorgeous, and all those socks, you have been busy.