Thursday, January 01, 2009

Handmade Christmas

For Christmas, I made a few gifts for various people. First up, I made several beaded bracelets inspired by my sister wanting a bracelet that looked like one in Accessorize. The one she wanted is the third one down and I also made a pearl version of the same idea (the fourth one down). The remainder of the bracelets were for my mum, two of my cousins and the two work collegues who were working Christmas eve with me. Thankfully everyone seems to like them and I've been asked by my sister to make something similar for her MIL.

Beaded bracelet 1

Beaded bracelet 2

Beaded bracelet 3

Beaded bracelet 4

Beaded bracelet 5

Beaded bracelet 6

Beaded bracelet 7

My sister also got a pair of socks made from the yarn that Tuula gave me in the summer. There's still enough yarn for another pair as my sister has only UK size 2 feet (which is very small for those outside the UK). She really like them too and wants another pair.
Zig zag socks finished

She also got a pair of pink fetching mitts which were originally for my cousin but I miscounted and they are shorter than they should be. My sister also has very small hands so these are just the right size.

Pink fetching mitts

Two of my cousins received Fetching mitts also. In both cases, these are fetchings that I finished earlier in the year and put aside for possible gifts, in case I ran out of gift knitting time ( which I did)
Fetching mitts

Fetching mitts

Finally a Christmas gift which I knitted for someone at work to give to their BIL. Its an adipose from Doctor Who. Her BIL is Doctor Who daft and its for her children to give to him for Christmas. Hopefully it is well received.
Adipose for Sarah

I also made a stitched gift for someone. I took part in a secret santa amongst some UK based friends. I sent to Gina, who is really into her reading at present so I made a blue version of the Purrfect bookmark by Cats whiskers design studio.

Purrfect bookmark for Gina front

Purrfect bookmark for Gina back.


Joyus said...

Wow, those are gorgeous gifts!

Congratulations on your 2008 achievements and I hope you manage to complete your 2009 goals

Happy New Year

karenv said...

You made some beautiful gifts Paula, congratulations.

Tracy said...

Beautiful gifts Paula. I ended up having a friend of mine make my daughters cuff bracelets. She did a wonderful job. One day, I think she'll be in the chain jewelry stores! I made my family gifts too...I like to do that more than buying something. Though, I got my husband a subscription to one of his hot rod mags.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Karoline said...

Happy new year Paula. The gifts are all lovely, congratulations.

Good luck with your 2009 plans

Sheila said...

What lovely gifts you have stitched, knitted and beaded :)

TangledFrog said...

What gorgeous gifts! You're so multi-talented!

Mary said...

Lovely gifts!

Deanne J said...

they're all wonderful and I'm sure everyone enjoyed their gifts.

Redwitch said...

They are all great gifts!

You did so much in 2008 too - wow!

I hope you have a happy and healthy 2009 :)

Lucy said...'re good! I'm still finishing up a couple of Christmas presents...but my family is used to my lateness!

shakatak66 said...

You have some beautiful gifts there - it's no wonder everyone loved them! :)

Concetta said...

You were so organised making so many beautiful Christmas gifts this year! I love the bracelets.

Happy New Year! (I know I'm late!)