Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jardin January round up and Fan girl February

January is almost over, thank goodness. Finally the days are getting longer and it's starting to get light just as I get to work now.

I had hoped to have a little more progress this month but just after my last post, I got completely flattened by a sinus infection which even after I got better, stopped me from looking down as it brought the pain back.

I have managed a little more progress on Winter in my garden.

Winter in my garden January progress

And I managed to stitch up a little Shepherd's Bush kit from my stash - A Rosey Garden

A rosey garden

On another slightly garden type note, I finished another Bunny tail hat for another soon to be born family baby

Bunny tail hat

One of my other goals this year to frame or finish off a lot of the cross stitch finishes that I have unframed. This month, I framed 2 pieces using some shop bought frames and mounts.

Firstly Mirabilia Halloween fairy.

Mirabilia Halloween fairy

And Miss New Year also by Mirabilia

Mirabilia New Year's eve fairy

Next month's theme is Fan girl February. Stitching wise, I'm going to concentrate on Mirabilia designs again, continuing with Winter in my Garden. I've also promised myself a new start - Mirabilia Tiger Lily. On the knitting side of things, I'm going to go a little more literal. I have quite a few Doctor Who based things in my Ravelry queue so I will work on at least one of them.


Ruth said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill, nothing worse and then not being able to stitch just to add to it. You made great progress though this month and well done on two super framing jobs they look fantastic. Looking forward to seeing your February pieces.

Siobhán said...

Lovely stitching! That bunny hat is just adorable!

Jan said...

Your current WIPs are beautiful and your framed pieces delightful

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your wips. Your framed pieces look GORGEOUS. I love the bunny hat.

Karoline said...

Great progress on Winter. Rosey Garden and the Bunny hat are gorgeous, congratulations

Scully said...

I love the hat Paula. You've made good progress on your stitching and your chosen frames look lovely with the little Miras. Well done ♥