Sunday, May 20, 2012

Of secret projects and life in general

The past few months have really whooshed by for me. My job has kept me very busy and I've also started my MSc. Since my last post, I've actually started and finished the first module and I'm anxiously waiting for my results.

Various other things have kept me busy and there has been more secret craft projects going on. I'm very lucky to part of a lovely local knitting group in Glasgow and one of my closest friends in the group is getting married in 5 weeks. We decided a few months ago that we couldn't let this occasion past with out creating something special for the happy couple. After some quick discussions, it was agreed we would knit a blanket and recruiting the knitters started. there was a lot of secret conversions and much passing of parcels of yarn and finished squares everytime Elaine left the table at knitting group. There were even secret yarn drop offs at a local joke shop that one of members works in. 2 weeks ago, a lot of the participants got together at my flat to sew up and finish it off.

There was crocheting to be done


And sewing of squares


And then it was done



The pattern is from the Leisure Arts booklet Sampler afghans, 60 squares to knit and yarn is undyed Blue faced Leicester from Old Maiden Aunt yarns, probably the loviest Aran weight yarn I've ever knitted with. The dyed yarn goes on sale tomorrow and would really recommend it

Another secret project which I finished earlier in the year is this pin keep. The design is Amite by Jardin Prive and is stitched using silk thread from the Yarn yard. It was given to a friend for their birthday

Amite by Jardin Prive


Karoline said...

The blanket is gorgeous, congratulations to everyone.

Cute pinkeep

MysteryKnitter said...

I sure hope the bride did not have a clue.