Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Moving house

Earlier in the year, myself and some members of my family spent many cold hours standing outside an estate agents local to here so that I could buy a flat in a new development.  At the moment, I live with my parents and much as I really love them and get on with them, I need my own space.
We had to queue up to buy this flat because the housing market is so nuts in the West of Scotland that it was the only way for me to buy a place in a decent area on my salary.

Fast forward several months and the flat is almost ready.  So now I have to pack. Sigh .  I don't actually remember buying all this stuff, where has it all come from ?.  I don't even remember owning some of it.

I also seem to have ended up with seven large storage boxes of cross stitch magazines which I am having to make hard decisions on because I don't want to move them all or keep them all.
Decisions, decisions

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MysteryKnitter said...

One thing at a time. Don't rush.