Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Happy day

Today is a good day. Firstly and most importantly, Stacey's son David was found safely. I'm so happy for them all. Its so great to hear some good news when child goes missing and there were so many people all around the world that were hoping and praying for his return. A safe return of David is what we all hoped for.

This Saturday my sister turns 30. I find it really hard to believe that she is 30, particularly as that means I'm almost 32. When I was younger, I couldn't imagine us both at this age, it seemed so far away. And soon there will be more changes are my sister is moving to the other side of Glasgow from here, just shortly before I move about 1/2 mile from here. I'm not sure how my mum is going to feel with both of us out of the house for good. We have both left home for varying periods but this will be the final time.

I've been reading a lot over the past few day instead of stitching. I have just finished reading John MacEnroe's autobiography which was very interesting. He comes across as a fairly likeable guy who can be irrational when he play tennis and knows that he should keep his temper but can't. He also admits to not being the most perfect of people which I find interesting. I've now started reading a book called Attention all shipping by Charlie Connelly. For any readers outside the UK, the shipping forecast is a weather forecast for Shipping that is broadcast 4 times daily in the UK. Like quite a few people, I listen to the late shipping forecast at 00 48 am when I can't sleep. The names of the places and the rhythm of the speech within it is very soothing, even when they are talking about gales and hurricanes. The author spends the book visiting all the areas of the forecast and describing the people he meets. Its fairly interesting so far.

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