Friday, June 10, 2005

Stitching progress

Mystery 7 finished
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Mystery 7 is done. I finished it earlier in the week but I've only just got around to posting a picture. I struggled stitching it for quite a while as I really lost interest after part 2. Now its finished, I'm pretty happy with it. I need to find the right bell pull hanger which might take a while.
Recently I've also been trying to do some finishing off as the pile of stitched stuff waiting to be framed or finished was getting huge. The mini mysteries have now been turned into bell pulls and hanging on some of my doors in the flat. I've also finished off a pile of Christmas ornaments, some of which had been waiting for 2 years. I had a bit of a stitching slump last month and finishing off the ornaments has really helped to get my stitching juices flowing again.

This month aim is to finish at least 2 more WIPs. As well as mystery 7, I've finished a Winnie the pooh cover kit from a magazine. Chatelaine Christmas is probably near to finishing and I have another couple of things that if I don't let myself get distracted, I might finish this month. I've got lots of stitching time because of my holidays which should mean a few more finishes. However I've ordered the new Nora Corbett/Mirabilia chart Fairy Roses and its on its way. I think I might have to start it once it gets here...

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