Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Unseasonal stitching

Chatelaine Christmas
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I've finished Chatelaine Christmas which isn't a really logical finish whilst the UK is going through a heat wave but at least it will be finished for this Christmas. Its been a fairly jinxed project. I started it originally on what was supposed to be 32 ct Lambswool linen but after stitching it for a few hours, I realised that it wasn't 32ct and was probably 36 ct or something. So I restarted on 32ct Belfast linen and all went well until I finished the stitching on the tree and started on the box around the Christmas ribbon. I had a moment of misreading and instead of going down 3 centimetres, I went down 3 inches and I didn't realise until the box stitching was finished. I've decided I am not changing though. The other annoyance was beading the garlands. The red mill hill beads that are suggested have central holes that are too big and let the gold beads slip inside them. Luckily I had some 7/0 red beads that were suitable so thank goodness I have a bit of a stash of beads now.

Not much happening around here apart from this afternoon when there seemed to be someone important being driven down the street. I'm guessing because I couldn't see who was in the car but the 4 police motorcycle outriders and 2 police cars accompanying the car suggested that it might be someone important.

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