Monday, July 04, 2005

Catching up

Life has been a bit busy over the past few weeks. My parents went away on holiday 2 weeks ago and just after they left on holiday, my mum's youngest sister phoned me at work to let me know that she was in hospital with an exacerbation of her Colitis. My mum has a big family (4 brothers and 5 sisters) but quite a few of them don't stay nearby and the other one who does is nursing her husband just now. So for the past two weeks, I have either been working or at the other hospital that my aunt is in. My parents came back today and my aunt is better but facing further treatment so the stress should reduce.
Work has been ultra stressful too. I started nights on Thursday and each night was worse than the night before. I've been shouted at, sworn at and had to convince a variety of people that 2am is time when everyone should be asleep (apart from the staff obviously). I also had to deal with a trumatic emergency situation that did not turn out positively and has left all the staff shocked and upset. Still the lovely words of another patient who has said he is coming back to give us presents because of all we did and would give us all a reference, cheered us up and made it easier to carry on.

Stitching time has been sparse over the past few weeks. I'm up to date with 2 of my 3 round robins and I should get the other one sorted soon. I have some other obligation stuff to get finished also. Various wools and patterns to knit are still catching my eye and I'm thinking of knitting a blanket from the new issue of Simply knitting also

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