Friday, July 15, 2005

Holiday weekend

Its a holiday weekend in a large part of Scotland this weekend. The holiday marks the start of the traditional Glasgow Fair holiday fortnight. It dates back to when this area was mostly industrial and all the factories and ship yards closed for the annual summer holidays. Each area of Scotland had its own Fair fortnight and it coincided with local fairs and gala weeks. The factories and ship yards are mostly long gone but the holiday remains. So this weekend the airport at Glasgow has its busiest time. Today is called Fair Friday and almost always the weather is dreadfully today and it usually rains. Its not raining and it is warm today but the weather is muggy and not nice at all.

This week, the weather gods got a bit confused and the West of Scotland had temperatures of 80-90 degrees during the day. Not really typically Scottish weather especially when you are a very fair skinned Celt like me. I only have to look at the sun to get sunburn. Added to that is the fact that we don't have air conditioning like those in USA and Canada. Sleeping has been a bit tricky to say the least.

Stitching wise, I haven't done much at all this week. Mostly I've been at work or up visiting my aunt in hospital or sleeping. Added to this is the fact that we changed soap at work a while back and its not agreeing with my hands. The skin on one of my fingers has split at the knuckles and the rest of my hands feel like sandpaper. Not ideal for stitching with silks. I've got an appointment to see someone at the Occupational Health department to sort it out and I've been given some cream until then. Meanwhile I still have to wash my hands 30+ times a day at work and use masses of hand cream.

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