Thursday, August 04, 2005

MIA again

I can't believe its nearly a month since I posted here. Life has been very busy. My aunt is finally out of hospital and my other aunt is recovering well from her knee replacement surgery. Both of them are back in their own houses so the pressure on my parents and myself is reduced finally. I'm very tired after it all especially as work has been so busy.
Stitching wise, my progress in July has been fairly non existent due to very little stitching time. I've finished a couple of small christmas cards and another christmas piece. Pictures to follow. The knitting bug has continued to bite. I've knitted a scarf for my sisters birthday and I've also almost finished another knitted bag for my sister.
At the moment I really need to be kicked up the backside. I've got 4 different things that needed posted off to various people and a mountain of ironing that will over take the house. However all I really want to do is sleep, surf the net and stitching or knit. Still its only 1 month till I have a fortnight off work and only 2 weeks to the UKGTG. I really can't wait, especially for the GTG. I have no stitching friends locally other than my aunt (who I am gradually enabling with lots of different stuff) and its great to talk to other people who get the stitching thing rather than think it strange.

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