Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New technology and other stuff

I don't think I've mentioned this before but I love new gadgets. I like the whole process of learning something new. So I've been having fun today learning how to use my new mobile phone. Somehow, at some point on Monday, I managed to lose my mobile phone. Luckily it was a old one which I inherited for no money from my sister so I didn't particularly lose out.

The new one has a few more bells and whistles - a camera, bluetooth and WAP. And is easier to use. I did feel a bit patronised by the sales guy. I knew exactly what I wanted and told him that. The salesman seemed surprised that I had heard of bluetooth and knew how to set up a phone. Obviously women can't know these things. The other irritating thing was that he kept going on about their land line phone services inspite of the fact I told him four times that I wasn't interested and not to tell me any more about it.

On another note, the G8 summit is really getting on my nerves. Half the police from the west of Scotland are over in the East dealing with the violent element. I had to phone the local police to have a very suspicious and intoxicated man removed from just outside the ward I work in. The Police were great when they came but they took ages because they are very shorthanded. All their leave is cancelled too. Combined with that is the fact that the Police are advising against travel at all to Edinburgh unless you have to as its bursting at the seams. The ironic thing being that the summit isn't even there, its at Gleneagles in Perthshire. My aunt was supposed to be visiting my other aunt in hospital today but she didn't make it as she has to come through Edinburgh and the traffic and transport is a bit of a nightmare right now. I really, really want things to change during this summit but the nightmare element has arrived on the scene as usual to wreck a good campaign with fanastic aims. I don't know what the violent element hope to achieve but I don't see them influencing George Bush or anyone else by those methods.

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