Sunday, December 11, 2005

Busy time

Lifes been a bit busy lately. Mostly due to the preparations for Christmas. My tree is up and covered in covered in stitched ornament either made by me or received from various exchanges over the past few years. I've not really managed a lot of stitching due to Christmas preparations. I've made most of my Christmas cards. I have a few more to make and I need to get them done this week.
Most of my stitching time this week has gone to finishing my part of a secret project which is now ready to send to the person who it is for and has no idea it is coming. I can't share a picture for obvious reasons but once it is safely there, then I can share.
I have managed to make time to buy a frame and mount for Christmas elf fairy and you can see the evidence below. I also ordered a frame and mount for Christmas mystery 1 which has been sitting waiting to be framed for the past year. Hopefully it will be in by next weekend and I will have more photos to share.

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