Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend off

No work this weekend so I get to catch up on a few things, including posting here. First off, I've doing a bit of finishing. Last month, I bought my first sewing machine. Inspite of my mum being very good with sewing machines, I'm not very good with them at all. She taught me quite a bit as a teenager but I fell out of practice with sewing machines and I must admit to being a bit frightened of them. So gathering all my courage up, I finally attempted the finishing for the My Beekeeper scissor case class that I took last year from Elegant Stitch.
I survived and here are the pictures to prove it.
The outside of the case

The inside of the case.

I heard this weekend that Sabine has received the spring exchange I stitched for her. This was also finished off using my new machine. Its backed by a lovely bright yellow fabric with bugs on it, which is much nicer than how I've just described it.

Today, I'm hoping to finish off Taj Mahal garden whilst enjoying the repeats of the first new series of Doctor Who. Next weekend, the new series starts here which will be supberb. The new Doctor is played by David Tennant and hes a local boy from here in Paisley ( and a fab actor also). I was going to out today but the spring sunshine this morning has been replaced by snow. Snow in April in Scotland, how the heck is that happening.

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