Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring exchange

Yay my spring exchange has arrived from the lovely Ashleigh

The design is filled with lavender so I've already hung it in my wardrobe. I've already decided that I would like to use the orangey variegated thread to stitch a quaker hedghog freebie that I've been watching to stitch for a while.

Its been a good mail day all round as I got the partial Japanese Octagon box kit and the grape thread keeper kit that I've waiting for. I'm going to try and resist starting them for a little bit longer.

Thank you everyone for your comments about my last finishes. They are very much appreciated. I'm trying to make a real effort to do more finishing as I go to stop getting a build up of finished stuff. Recently I bought my very first sewing machine so I will need to practise with it.

And in more good news, I had a pretty good weekend at work as I was on with a good bunch of staff who made it a great series of shift. I'm working again this weekend so hopefully this weekend will be the same.

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MysteryKnitter said...

I wish you all the success. I am glad the exchange arrived, even I am not the one, who stitched it for you.