Saturday, March 01, 2008

February's crafty progress

Since my last post, the postal service has finally cooperated and delivered the Valentine's exchange that I stitched for Edgar. He is a fan of Quaker designs so I thought I'd stitch a quaker heart freebie for him. I used Gloriana silk in the shade Cranberry.

Valentine's exchange front

Valentine's exchange back

My only stitching finish for February was Autumn Silhouette, which I shared in my last post. I only started one project this month - Celtic heart by M designs. My parents celebrate their 40th Wedding anniversary in May and I'm going to stitch their initials separated by the Celtic heart design for them. Its a design idea that someone on the Wagon stitching board stitched for a wedding I think. My parents both like the stitching that I've done before and in fact quite a few of my framed pieces hang on their walls rather than mine due to lack of space.

Other than that I've still been knitting away. I finished a Clapotis that I started last year. Its knitted in Rowan Tapestry yarn.


I've also been knitting more socks alas not finishing a pair though but it should give me a head start for March.

This sock is in Lorna's laces shepherd sock in Rainbow.

Rainbow sock 1

And this one is the first of another pair of monkey socks in Sheldridge farm soft touch ultra, which is lovely to knit with in lacy patterns. I'm half way though the second sock and I might get it finished this weekend. I'm working on Saturday night and if the patients are sleeping, I can knit away.

Monkey sock 1

After Saturday's night shift, I'm off work for just over a week on holiday which I'm in need of just now. I'm hoping the time off will give a chance to catch up with lots of household things that need doing plus just to get out and enjoy myself a bit. Last week I went to a local knitting group for the first time and really enjoyed it so I'm hoping to make a few of the meet up whilst I'm off. Oh and there's also a Craft show on at the local exhibition centre which I'm planning to visit too. The weather isn't looking too promising as there seems to be a chance of snow next week. We've only had a little bit of snow this year and I'm hoping we don't anymore.


Mary said...

Lovely stitching and finishing for the Valentine exchange. The socks are awesome! Enjoy your time off from work, and get some rest and have fun!

Mandella said...

The Valentines Heart is beautiful, and the socks look great. There's lots of inspiration in this post!

Tessa said...

The Valentine's Day Heart for Edgar is lovely, I have seen this one stitched in so many different colours and each one looks just as lovely :)

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that little heart!!! Beautiful. And your socks are fab :-)

stitcherw said...

The heart looks great, the Cranberry was a perfect shade for it. Both socks look lovely as well, my favorite is the blue monkey sock pattern. Good luck on finishing the anniversary project, I'll look forward to your posting a progress picture.