Monday, March 24, 2008

Meeting and knitting

Most of the past two weeks has been fairly unremarkable with not a vast amount of knitting or stitching going on. There have been a few good bits though.

A highlight was getting the opportunity to meet John Barrowman in a local bookshop during a book signing. For those who don't watchit, he is the star of UK series Torchwood and also appears frequently in Doctor Who. He speaks in TV with a very American accent but he was born in Glasgow so this was a home town event so there were a lot of people there and he naturally reverted into his very lovely native accent. He was very friendly to everyone and stayed until everyone got the chance to get a book signed. There were a lot of people there. Oh and he's even more handsome in person. I got a couple of pictures but it was pretty difficult as it was so busy.

John Barrowman signing pic 3

John Barrowman signing pic 2

I'm a big fan of Doctor Who so was a thrill to met someone who has appearred in the program. I'm eagerly awaiting the new series of Doctor Who which starts next month.

I did manage to finish my Cranford mitts inspite of not having a lot of knitting time. They are knitted in Yard yard organic merino in Mysteron and Sooty cherry. I have already started another pair in the same colours but with the colours reversed
Cranford mitts finished

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post with my finished Grape thread keeper. Everyone made such lovely comments and they are very much appreciated. The pattern is indeed by Chatelaine designs and was an online class. Its not currently available to buy but the online classes do eventually come out as charts.


Karoline said...

Great mitts Paula, congratulations

Sheila said...

Ooohh John Barrowman ... gorgeous!!! Lucky you!
And those mitts are fabulous - perfect timing for the snow you might have had this easter.
And after seeing your grape threadkeeper, I might have to get the chart when it comes out - drool drool.....

Lisa said...

Oh My! He is such a cutie!! I've fallen in love with Torchwood.

The mitts look wonderful.

Seahorse said...

I really love the mitts.

And... well... phwoar! :D

Tessa said...

Gorgeous Mits :)

stitcherw said...

Book signings and meeting authors and actors that you enjoy is such fun. Glad you were able to go.

Your mittens look wonderful, such a pretty design. They'll be fun too with the colors reversed.

Flavaknits said...

Am sooo jealous of you - would have love to seen JB at Borders but was out of town that day , D'oh!
Love the Cranford Mitts , and the Grape Threadkeeper - Fabulous.