Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday update

As I mentioned in the last post, I've finished the Blue lacy Cardigan that I've been knitting this past few weeks. Its another design by Ysolda Teague - Liesl. and its knitted in New Lanark aran so a truly Scottish production.

Liesel completed

There's more pictures of it on my Flickr page if you click on the picture.

On Monday evening, I knitted up a little bracelet kit that I had bought last year at the local stitching show. Its 0.3mm wire threaded with beads and was really easy to do.

Wire knitted bracelet

Part of what inspired me to knit up the bracelet was that I'm planning to wear it later in the year. My cousin's son is getting married in June and I'm invited to the wedding as my sister and I were very close to him as children. My mum's extended family is huge so family weddings get a little big if everyone was invited. On Monday, I spent the day shopping for something to wear to the wedding with my mum and sister. I'm not a big fashionista or particularly girly so I needed their help to find something as they both are. After a lot of looking, I was persuaded to try on a dress. I'm more a jeans/trouser sort of girl so I was really surprised to find that I really liked it. Now I need to find or make some sort of cardigan/shrug type thing to wear with it.

Whilst I was in the shop, I also tried on a embroidered top which appealed to my cross stitching side. I'm hoping that we have a summer this year as I decided to buy it and want the chance to wear it.


Leslie said...

From the colors it looks as if Liesel will go with your new dress! Looks lovely, hope you have a chance to wear your top - I'm still waiting for Spring to come to New Hampshire. It's been about 45F (7C). I'm ready for winter to be over!

Mel said...

What a great bracelet!
I also love the new top. It does look cross stitchy! :)

Shellie said...

great cardi very pretty Love the bracelet too. I knew where you are coming from on the dress side of things LOL
Great work
Hugs Shellie

Redwitch said...

Lovely cardi, great colour and very pretty bracelet too :)

lena-lou said...

Love the rabbit below !

Your dress looks really nice and so does the bracelet, I hope you enjoy wearing them. There are some really fine knit cardigans in Monsoon? I love dresses even though I tend to stick to jeans too much.

Kathleen said...

Lovely new dress and I bet your new hand-made bracelet will look great with it.
Liesl is lovely and who doesn't love Feather and Fan- you know why I'm sayaing this! x K

Aknita said...

Liesel is lovely Paula.

Your dress is lovely too. There are some very nice knits in M&S at the moment too - I almost bought a very fine cropped and shaped cardigan before my recent holiday.

I know where you are with the large extended family. I still haven't forgotten finding my cousin living next door to a yarn shop ;)

Karoline said...

Liesel and the bracelet are gorgeous Paula.

The dress and top are lovely, I would dearly love for us to have a summer again as well.

Flavaknits said...

Love your Liesl , I am attempting to do the Cloud Bolero for this summer - if we get it. The bracelet looks so delicate - I've bought a kti but am too scared to try yet! lol

Von said...

I so admire your knitting, Paula, as it's something that I don't do. Congrats on finding some very nice additions to your wardrobe. :)

I'm hoping for some nice weather this year too. Yesterday was nice here, but the clouds are back today. Seems we can't have more than one nice day at a time this spring.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Liesl turned out lovely and I love your bracelet, gorgeous color. I also love the biscornu, a couple of post down.

Anonymous said...


MysteryKnitter said...

Lovely bracelet. Lovely dress. I hope the wedding day will be a success.